Summary of the first stage of Rapid Response Drone Network pilot

Our successful testing of the UAV and docking station technology, along with the launch of the pilot program, marks the culmination of our extensive R&D efforts since 2020. This stage aimed to not only establish the best parameters for our proprietary devices but also showcase our service to Partner Security Companies and gather feedback for further improvement. We invite you to watch a video that highlights the outcomes of these recent activities.

In the first stage of the Rapid Response pilot program, we engaged in various activities such as business consultations with our Partner security companies, developing effective communication procedures, and conducting operational simulations with our UAV and intervention groups. We also presented our development plans to these security companies and gathered their valuable feedback and expectations. The first stage of piloting the service was successfully completed by the end of November.

All test days, including the UAV-assisted intervention group support, met the expectations and were executed seamlessly. With the confirmation of solid technology and the trust of our Partners, we are now ready to proceed to the next stage of piloting and further commercialization.
Wojciech Stawiarski
During the pilot program, we collaborated with representatives from the security industry to jointly verify the alarm notification process, starting from the interception of an alarm from a protected facility to catching an intruder. The pilot mainly focused on operational and communication aspects, such as the execution of tasks based on agreed division and information exchange. The pilot program also served as a platform for discussions to tailor our service to meet the needs of our targeted customers, based on industry instinct and the valuable experience of our partners.
Urszula Mróz
Business Development Director

What's next?

We are currently getting our infrastructure and operational background ready for the second stage of the pilot program. This stage will be carried out in collaboration with local government units, including the City of Mysłowice and the Municipality of Skawina. Simultaneously, we are preparing to launch the service commercially in the first locations across Poland.


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