The Rapid Response Drone Network we are developing has been attracting considerable interest from companies from the security sector. Following a series of signed letters of intent and substantive consultations, we have begun the process of strengthening our cooperation with partner security agencies. We are pleased to announce that Seris Konsalnet – the largest security company in Poland and part of the international SERIS group – has signed a pilot agreement with Reakto and joined us in conducting the first tests of the service.

A few words about our partner

Seris Konsalnet is a security company operating in Poland for 28 years. It provides services in many areas of this sector, such as physical security and facility monitoring, in addition to designing and implementing technical security systems. Seris Konsalnet addresses its services to individual customers, companies from the industrial segment and retail chain establishments. The Group has more than 20,000 employees, with branches and regional offices distributed throughout the country.

With Seris placing great emphasis on innovation, we consider the REAKTO solution as perfectly compatible with this strategy, enabling us to improve the service quality for all our customers.
Cezary Kukuć
Head of the Alarm Monitoring Centre
Seris Konsalnet

Joint development of drone services for the security industry

A pilot run conducted together with the representatives of the security industry is a vital part of developing the Rapid Response Drone Network in order to adapt our solution to market requirements. The key assumptions of the pilot agreements entered into with partner companies from the security sector include the presentation of how the Rapid Response Drone Network operates, joint tests of operational scenarios in the field and result analyses. Other crucial components of the cooperation between REAKTO and Seris Konsalnet are business activities linked to the location planning of initial service deployments, validation of interest in the solution among target customers and joint media activities. We have already completed the joint testing procedure, during which we ran operational scenarios for drone false alarm recognition, as well as intruder detection scenarios and the provision of tactical support for intervention teams. The tests were successful, and the results can be seen in the video below.


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