Security industry representatives are in agreement that there are plenty of advantages to using drones in security. However, there is still no system on the market that would provide an accessible and cost-effective operational capability for false alarm verification or tactical support during interventions. The Rapid Response Drone Network is a revolutionary solution whose creation will be supported by another security venture – Taurus Ochrona. The jointly signed pilot agreement is a prelude to further activities aimed at developing the most efficient solutions and service functionalities.

A few words about our partner

Taurus Ochrona is Poland's innovation leader in providing security. The history of the company dates back to 1991. Currently, the Toruń-based company has more than 1,000 employees and provides services to both individuals and businesses in areas such as construction, photovoltaic farms, wind farms, industrial premises, facilities subject to mandatory protection, events, railway and public administration infrastructure and Smart Home solutions, among others.

Taurus Ochrona is geared towards innovation. Our vision is to become an innovation leader in providing security in the Polish market, and for this reason, the services offered by REAKTO are in complete harmony with our DNA.
Representative of the Board for Expansion
Taurus Ochrona

A technologically advanced tool for the security industry developed with the support of experts

The contribution of partner companies to the development of the Rapid Response Drone Network allows us to supply the market with infrastructure and services tailored to the needs of the security industry. The joint implementation of the pilot run provides mutual benefits – security agencies have the ability to test the solution before its launch, they can participate in the location planning of the first service deployments in Poland and have access to the service on preferential terms.


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