Talks held with the representatives of the security sector gave us a clear signal that the Rapid Response Drone Network is a solution that the security industry needs to provide even more efficient and cost-effective services. The above is backed with signatures added to pilot agreements under which we will jointly work to develop our infrastructure. A partner that has joined the ranks of collaborating companies and has already completed the tests of the Rapid Response Drone Network is VIP Security System.

A few words about our partner

VIP Security System is a company with Polish capital that specialises in providing comprehensive technical and physical security solutions throughout Poland. The company makes use of unconventional methods of physical surveillance, with the use of an advanced technical security system and the implementation of technological innovations.

As soon as we heard about the potential to cooperate with REAKTO, VIP SECURITY SYSTEM decided to integrate its security systems with the proposals REAKTO has launched on the market. We are very excited to see how customers receive this service.
President of the Management Board
VIP Security System

Cooperation towards the development of the REAKTO service

The pilot programme activities carried out by REAKTO in cooperation with partner companies are aimed at establishing the most effective forms of implementing the service, demonstrating its operation to our partners and facilitating the target cooperation, as well as implementing the solution with our first clients. The Rapid Response Drone Network, created with the expertise of security professionals, will allow us to fine-tune all aspects of the solution, contributing to the success of each entity involved.


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